The Rub

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The flavour,

We use two varieties of smoked Chipotle chilli in our Chipotle Flavourbomb, one from the the North of Mexico and one from the South. Combined they create a smooth and deep smokey flavour, perfect for almost every kind of food.

The salt and sugar base helps draw excess moisture from the meat, rapidly tenderising it allowing the flavour to penetrate into the food making it taste as good as possible.

Our salt,

Where possible we try to use local ingredients, so our salt is farmed off of Britains shores, one a few miles down the coast in Cornwall and another from the east coast of England.

And the rest.. well that’s a secret.

We’re proud of Flavourbomb so we stay away from MSG’s, additives, colourings and other nasties.

This means you can enjoy all of our lovely natural seasonings whether you’re a meat eating carnivore, a clean eating fitness lover or enjoy an all natural Vegan diet.


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